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Book Journal - Last updated 2/9/10

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Just 'cause I can.

Most of the books I've read before this point will have rough or unknown dates as to when I read them.


(1) - More than one book in the series
? - No finish date because I'm still reading it

Start date - Finish date


Elantris (Brandon Sanderson): November 20th to December 3rd

Mistborn: The Final Empire (Brandon Sanderson): November 28th to December ?

Mistborn: Well of Accension (Brandon Sanderson): December ? to December ?

Mistborn: Hero of Ages (Brandon Sanderson): December ? to December 12th


Wicked Lovely (1) (Melissa Marr): Unknown to Unknown

Pawn of Prophecy (1) (David Eddings): September ? to Unknown

Ink Exchange (2) (Melissa Marr): Unknown to Unknown

Fragile Eternity (3) (Melissa Marr): Unknown to Unknown

City of Bones (1) (Cassandra Clare) November ? to November ?

Dreamhunters (Elizabath Knox): November ? to November 26th

Queen of Sorcery (2) (David Eddings): November 26th to December 1st

City of Ashes (2) (Cassandra Clare) December 15th to December 17th

City of Glass (3) (Cassandra Clare) December 17th to 24th

Magician's Gambit (3) (David Eddings) December 31st to January 3rd


Alcatraz VS The Knights of Crystallia* (3) (Brandon Sanderson) January 3rd to 4th

Airborn (Kenneth Oppel) January 14th to January 16th

Dreamquake (Elizabath Knox) January 19th to 30th

Boneshaker (Cherie Priest) Febuary 2nd to 9th

I'll add a list of books I want to read when I can get around to it.

*I've read the other 2 Alcatraz books, but I can't even remember when I read them. So they aren't on the list.

What to buy on Poupee Girl

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Title says it all. I don't have a lot of Ribbons, but I want this stuff anyway.

Black Lolita Items
March 26th, 11AM JP



Total: 830R (Ouch)

Valentine event
March 31st, 11AM JP



Total: 900R

Overall Total: 1,730R
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Well, yeah...I decided I needed to make an Awards post. So, here it is!

Last Update : April 4 2006

First Place Awards : 8

Second Place Awards : 11

Third Place Awards : 8

Mod's Choice : 6

Special Category : 4

Pending : 8

Total : 37

Pending ones count.

AwardsCollapse )

I'll do posts for other things later. I'm to lazy to the other posts...:S;
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Yes, thats right. Color-bar post..

Color-bars No Tame Ni!Collapse )


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I finished Hero of Ages on the 12th. I loved it, but I wish it didn't have to end. I have nothing to read now.

Luckily, tomorrow mom and I--after the dentist--are going to to Wal-Mart to buy some yarn so I can make scarfs to keep my little hands busy. And that'll finish off my Christmas gift money.

I suppose that's it.



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Okay, this computer got attacked again by a virus. With pop-ups. It got attacked about a month or two ago, too. I hate you people. Why do you like to mess with us? Do you get sick enjoyment out of this? What is wrong with you? Can you sleep at night, knowing someone lost all this work for school/company/anything? It doesn't feel wrong? My point is, I hate who ever invented these. With the passion of a thousand suns. I despise you.

On more light-hearted manners, I'm almost done with the second Mistborn book, The Well of Ascension. I'm really liking it. It makes me all tense and I don't wanna put it down. Not even when I have to go to sleep. Is that wrong, I wonder... I should be finished with it tomorrow. I started it on Friday. And then on to the last book, "(The?) Hero of Ages.

Anyway, I won't be on this computer a lot because of the virus. Not even to play RuneScape. That is, until the 13th, I have something important for my RS-life on that day. I can barely play Poupee, for that matter. Sucky thing is, I've begun downloading textures again for Photoshop. I should probably stop that and just save everything in my Memories until I can (if ever) get to them.

So until this is fixed, or I get bored, I won't be on.

I think I'll start using this...

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I woke up at 12:00PM today! Why? I felt like staying in bed. But I had a strange dream (Who doesn't?). It had to do with fooood. O.o Chicken stripes, actually. Which, I love.

Speaking of, we had dinner about an hour ago, but I went so long without eating that I lost my appetite . ._.

Also, I started reading again. Those darn sisters always find good books. I'm reading "Elantris" (By Brandon Sanderson). It's quite interesting so far, I'm really liking it. It's kinda dark, but I still like it. I'm in Chapter 7, I think.

To end this...I'm thinking of changing my layout and user info...
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Okay then...I'd be playing RuneScape right now but all the servers are down. So I'll update.


I really like this song too. It's so emotional, I loved it from the first time I heard it.

And because random is good (You know who you are ;)) I'll talk about another Wiki place.


Two things.

There was an article about some droid who no one knew existed until they saw that article. I said "Who the heck is going to need this!?", Mey piped up "Well you never know! someone might want to write a fanfic that has that droid in it! They'll need to know about it!"

Another article was about a girl who worked for a Hutt or something. Mey said "Whats the point of this?" I said copping what she had said "Well you never know! someone might want to write a fanfic about her! They'll need to know about her!"

Thats all I have for today. ♥♥♥

Edit: RS is working again.

Well, Whaddya know.

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Ehehehehehe. Stellar told me to update, so I am!

The reason I stopped updating was I had nothing to update about. I don't really do anything interesting. Unless you want me to talk about the MMORPG I play? *GEEK*

It's summer now, so I can use this icon.

Speaking of, I lost my icon muse. So I can't really make anything anymore.

I like this song, it's all clam and peaceful...

Is it just me or are my posts random? Like, the way I type out my updates...All weird.

As usual, I can't think of anything to really say...But I am alive and well! ♥♥♥♥♥♥